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Businesses are “Coming Home” to Vancouver’s Port Town – Buying into More than Commercial Property

By June 29, 2017September 13th, 2017News
port town vancouver commercial real estate

Buyers of spaces at IRONWORKS – Conwest’s new Vancouver commercial real estate development – are feeling a connection to Port Town already, anticipating the day they move their business into a community whose pulse is strong and beats a rhythm that’s been heard since the late 1800s.

“We see this area growing in a very dynamic and positive way. It’s central – we’re so close to Commercial Drive, great restaurants, coffee shops, microbreweries – all the sorts of uses and activities that are likely to be going into the Ironworks building itself. We see that as a very positive aspect and we want to be a part of that.” – Craig Taylor, Principal, Taylor Kurtz, Ironworks Architect and Purchaser.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Thriving in Port Town for Over 100 Years

Port Town was a great location for industry back in the day and is fast becoming one of Vancouver’s most sought after neighbourhoods for industrial multi-use properties. For well over 100 years, industrious entrepreneurs have called the Port Town area home.

The IRONWORKS commercial real estate development is being built on the historic Terminal City Iron Works site at 220 Victoria Drive, Vancouver. TC Ironworks was originally founded in 1906 as a small iron foundry and machine shop, but the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders soon found its products used throughout BC, and at one point, they manufactured all of Vancouver’s fire hydrants.*

The Port Town area has since become home to several new-age industrial users like fine craft breweries, who choose to locate their businesses in an area once occupied by “brew-trepreneurs” of bygone days. Columbia Brewery, one of Vancouver’s first breweries, called the area home from 1889 to 1912. Once located at 1973 Powell Street, a few blocks from the IRONWORKS industrial property, the brewery grew from the high demand for beverages at Columbia Hall – one of Vancouver’s first beer halls.

Port Town, and the new IRONWORKS development, are attracting similar entrepreneurial individuals who have created successful businesses built on passion and hard work. Vancouver’s self-made business owners want to work (and often live) in neighbourhoods that reflect their own character, spirit and values. For these owners, being in Port Town feels like coming home.

Businesses want to be part of a community not “apart from the community”

With industrial and commercial real estate becoming a scarce commodity in Vancouver, carving out swaths of land for industrial parks is no longer possible. The attitudes about “work” and “workplace” have also changed. Today’s modern business owners don’t want to work in isolated locales, banishing themselves to remote industrial islands (and in some cases quite literally islands in areas of Vancouver), cut off from the rest of humanity.

IRONWORKS owners want to buy commercial property that is part of the community, not “apart from the community”. For them, IRONWORKS strikes the perfect balance, a smart financial investment paired with a dynamic social environment. IRONWORKS modern, stacked spaces are enticing for growing businesses because of the building’s location, easy access to downtown and main thoroughfares, and the ample and varied amenities the community has to offer.

The neighbourhood surrounding IRONWORKS – Grandview-Woodlands and Commercial Drive – welcomes community-minded businesses. When neighbourhood businesses succeed, there are positive trickle-down benefits for other businesses and residents. Employees working at IRONWORKS will purchase goods and services from other local businesses, they may purchase or rent homes in the area, and current residents may become employees of a business at IRONWORKS. This creates a positive cycle benefiting the entire community.

The surrounding neighbourhoods have a lot to offer, including breweries, brew pubs, restaurants, bistros, music, craft and culture. Finding a place to unwind and recharge at the end of the day or on the weekend will be easy for IRONWORKS real estate owners and their employees. Working (and living) in a vibrant neighbourhood rich in history and creativity provides a level of inspiration and motivation you just can’t get in isolated business parks.

Questions About IRONWORKS?

If you have questions about this exciting commercial real estate opportunity, or would like to preview mixed-used commercial space (office, showroom, industrial or warehouse), please contact us.

* Vancouver Sun, “The End is Nigh for Terminal City Ironworks

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